Don't Be Afraid to Show Your Baby the World- Traveling with an Infant

We've traveled with our little one since she was one month old. By the time she was six months old, she had been on more than 20 flights! You could say we like to travel. If someone tells you something like, "oh wait to have kids so you can travel and experience things", go ahead and giggle at them, be fruitful and multiply, travel your little heart out, and have a great time showing them the world along side you. 

I'm not saying it's always a walk in the park, because it's not, especially the older and more adventurous they get. But it is SO doable and worth it! Here's what I've learned in eight months and countless flights to make travel a bit easier:

Grab a window seat. Depending on the airline, you can either pick your seat ahead, or it's based off of when you check in and first come-first serve. If you can help it at all, get a window seat for you and your little babe. This allows for a little bit more freedom to move and privacy for feeding. I usually sit on the window, and my poor husband in the middle, so then I don't have to worry about bumping people on either side. He's a sweet guy!

Wear a big, comfy shirt. I definitely do not dress to impress when I'm flying- usually leggings, my Birks, and a big flowy shirt to make nursing easier. The last thing you want to do when you get settled into your seat on the plane, is to dig through your diaper bag and then attempt to put on your nursing cover in a tiny space. Just throw your little babe under your shirt and nurse him/her privately and easily.

Speaking of nursing, I like to latch my tiny girl right as we're pushing back so she's mid-feed during take off. If she doesn't want to feed, I make sure she has a pacifier (or something) to suck on. This helps with those tiny ears! 

You can carry on breastmilk and formula. Yep! You heard right. You can bring through breastmilk and formula even if it surpasses the TSA liquid limit. They usually ask you if they see you with an infant, but if they don't, just tell them before you put your bag through the x-ray. They're super nice about it and just give it a little extra check. So no need to worry about getting to the airport early to pump!

Oil up. Planes are yucky and emotions can get a little crazy when traveling. My must haves in the air:

-Thieves. This goes on everyone's feet before we leave for the airport and basically stays on until we're done traveling. No one has time to be sick when you're seeing the world!

-Thieves Hard Lozenge. I suck on these while on the plane to give my immune system a little something extra. Plus, they taste good and help with the dry airplane air.

-Stress Away. I basically bathe in this the entire time. I focus on my forearms and back of my neck.

-Thieves Wipes, Thieves Spray, and Thieves Hand Purifier. Because planes are GROSS. Everything gets wiped down or sprayed and that Hand Purifier is going on constantly. I'm in love with how easy and compact these are to travel with!

-Lavender/Peace & Calming/Gentle Baby/Tranquil/Valor/SleepyIze. These all create a calming environment and can help relax you and your sweet little babe (heck, probably whoever you're sitting next to, too). I put one of these on my chest so my girl can breathe it in while we snuggle as well as on the bottoms of her feet.

-Immupro. If it's a long flight (4+ hours), you bet your bottom dollar I'm chewing one of these guys up. They support the immune system and have a smidge of melatonin in them. I take one before boarding and drift off right after take off. 

-AromaEase. For sensitive tummies that don't get along with motion... I like to have this one on me just in case!

Keep your stroller with you. In my opinion, having a stroller with you is way easier than a baby carrier and here's a few reasons why. You're going to want to use the restroom, eat, and possibly just relax if you have a longer layover. I like to have a place to put my baby when I need to do these things. It's better for her and I- she can play with her toys in her stroller, I can eat my pizza without tiny little hands grabbing for it every two seconds. Having a stroller truly helps you go hands free, too! Not only is your babe strapped in and safe in the stroller, you also can throw your diaper bag, jackets, snacks, and whatever else in the bottom compartment. The gate agent will check the stroller for you when it's time to board. They put it under the plane and bring it out right after you land. It's incredibly easy and they are always so kind and helpful.

Check your carseat, as well as your bags. We've found it's easiest to drop all of your bags at the front and say, "see ya", to them until you've arrive at your destination. The extra cost will save you stress and be very much worth it in the end. This goes for the carseat as well. You can drop it off at the gate with your stroller usually, but since we see no need for it, we drop it off at the front too. Plus, it checks for free! Depending on your carseat and bag, you can also fit extra stuff in there like blankets and toys. Win, win! Here's a similar bag to what we have here.

Be Prepared. Seems obvious, am I right? But it's easy to forget even the most essential items when you're preparing for a big trip. In my diaper bag, I make sure I always have:

-extra clothes for my tiny girl and I. You never know when that blowout is going to happen (5 hour plane ride, blowout all over me first hour... lesson learned).

-a blanket to keep you two all snuggled in the cold airplane.

-plenty of toys to play with. Odds are your babe will throw a few on the floor or get bored with one. We pack all sorts!

-plenty of diapers and wipes. I swear the altitude change does something to their insides. You want to be prepared on this one!

-the oils and supplements noted above. 

Upgrade to Economy or First Class Seats, especially if you're traveling alone. The extra space will save you stress and give you more room to nurse and control your bundle of joy. The extra room is worth every penny!

Let people help you. As hard as it can be sometimes, asking for help is so necessary while traveling with an infant- especially if you're alone! I always have people come up and ask if they can help me in anyway (which always brings me to tears). Let them help you. Ask them to carry a blanket, or your bag, while you board. Let them pick up the toy on the ground. The agents can be so incredibly helpful, too. I had one take my girl for me when I had to use the restroom on flight, and she even held her for a bit longer. Contrary to popular belief, they like babies and sometimes, it can even make their job more fun to help a mama out!

Take a deep breath. Baby crying? Blowout all over your pants? Feel like a hot mess that everyone is judging? Don't even think twice about it. Take a deep breath- you're doing great, mama! And odds are people aren't judging you, even if you're like me and you feel like they are ;). You keep doing your thing, which is everything you can for your little babe. You can't do anything more than your best... and that's 100% okay. 

So travel the world, and take your baby with you! The sky is the limit. Be prepared and breath through the stressful parts. I promise, if I'm surviving, you can too!

If you're interested in getting any of the oils mentioned about, feel free to contact us.


Fragrance. Parfum. Terms that house over 3,000 nasty chemicals. If you check the back of a random product under your sink or in your bathroom cupboard, I'd bet you'd find one (or even both) of those words under ingredients. The candle you're burning and the room spray you're filling your house with can disrupt hormones, cause infertility, diabetes, asthma, skin issues, among other very awful things. 

Fragrance-free, all-natural, and hypoallergenic unfortunately mean nothing. I urge you to check the label so you can be certain that the product you're bringing into your home is safe for you and your family. If I see "fragrance" or "parfum" on the label, It's a hard no for us. This also goes for essential oils. YEP. You heard me. Did you know most times, those oils you see at the grocery store or on Amazon have synthetic fragrances added to them so they smell more sweet and appealing.  

This is a HUGE reason why a big candle hoarder got into essential oils- but that's a longer story for another time. My passion is to make it easier for people to throw out the products they love and swap them out with ones that are better for them... and then to create an obsession for toxin-free living like I developed and continue the cycle. 

So today I have for you... Room Spray! And not just any room spray, a room spray filled with emotional supporting essential oils that can bless your home. 

In a glass spray bottle (my favorite linked here), combine...

20 drops Stress Away

20 drops Orange (or swap in Purification if you have some extra stank you want gone)

20 drops Joy 

10 drops Abundance

2-3oz Witch Hazel

Top it off with water

Easy as that! Prance around the room and spray your little heart out. Or don't... but it's more fun that way. Enjoy and breathe deep! 


Don't have the oils you need? Shoot us an email and we'll help you get them! 

Juniper Company
Ningxia Red

By now, you’ve probably seen posts about Ningxia and realized we’re *pretty* big fans over here.

At first, I was extremely skeptical about investing in, what I thought was, just a juice. But if you want to call Ningxia (pronounced Ning-sha) juice, you have to give it the glory it deserves and call it the most powerful Queen of all juices who is stronger and smarter than superman and Einstein combined. Boom- went there.

It’s the HIGHEST antioxidant drink on the market. Just 1 oz of Ningxia Red has the antioxidant power of:

-34 large onions

-100 oranges

-814 blueberries

-22 carrots

-10.85 lb of spinach

-55.33 lb of almonds

-59 broccoli florets

-73 strawberries

-93 apples

Which is just BANANAS to me. But even crazier is we usually drink 4oz+ a day.

It’s made with wolfberries (also known as goji berries) so it tastes delicious on it’s own. But we also like blending it up in a smoothie or acai bowl for an extra kick in the pants.

Since taking Ningxia- We’re more alert during the day. Our hair and nails are healthier and growing like crazy. We haven’t been sick as much as usually. We all around FEEL better. And why wouldn’t we with all those antioxidants running through our system? We feel so much better we even bring them on all of our travels and drink even more than usually to keep our bodies happy and healthy.

I highly recommend googling antioxidants because there’s SO much good information out there. But essentially, antioxidants benefit the body by neutralizing and removing the free radicals from the bloodstream. If free radicals are left unchallenged, they can cause a wide range of illnesses and chronic diseases.

So antioxidants, we love you. Thanks for being our ninja warriors. 

If you're thinking you need some Ningxia in your life- you're right. Young Living has an incredible bundle and it's the best bang for your buck and an easy way to stock up on your (soon to be) favorite drink. Shoot us a message and we'll send you everything you need to get some! 

Mother's Day Giveaway

We're so excited about this. Young Living and Beautycounter- what's not to love?! Two companies that we're all for because of their dedication to toxin free products.

Beautycounter has banned more 1,500 chemicals and ingredients (some, of which, are already banned in other countries) from their makeup and beauty products. And Young Living, who has their hands on every single step of the essential oil process, only uses the safest and cleanest ingredients in combination with their pure, therapeutic grade essential oils to create products for anyone and everyone- including supplements, beauty products, and

We joined forces with our friend, Molly, to create a gift basket every woman would love!

We've included:

-Rose Lip Sheer. All the pretty, none of the nasty (chemicals).

-15ml bottle of Stress Away. Rough day? Kids screaming in the back of the car while your daycare is calling to tell you that there's a stomach bug going around? Huff this. On those tough days (and everyday).

-15ml bottle of Lavender. Not just for the nights mama needs some sleep. Bumps and bruises, you have met your match. A staple in every woman's tool box.

-A sample set of Essential Nourishing Collection. Spa day without leaving the house! A weeks worth of a facial routine you'll want everyday. 

-Baby Oil. A carrier oil for you, your tiny babe, and anything and everything you need to cover. Use it alone or with essential oils.


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Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo is rated a 10 for carcinogenicity, developmental & reproductive toxicity, and allergies & immunotoxicites on the Think Dirty app. 

Literally, bathing babies in cancer and killing their fertility. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. 

And unfortunately, although Johnson & Johnson takes the cake, most baby products are JUST AS BAD. Don’t let names like "babyganic" or “sensitive formula” type names fool you. It's just a name. It’s good marketing. It doesn't mean it's any less toxic. Just like a salad from Wendy’s isn't any less terrible for you than McDonalds.

Mamas and Daddys- it’s our job to PROTECT our tiny humans. They don’t have a voice or a choice. Throw toxic products in the TRASH and find a company you trust- not because of their marketing or their name or because there's leaves on the packaging, but because you checked that label and you know EVERY ingredient in it to be GOOD.


Some key ingredients to look for and AVOID like the plague, not just in baby shampoo, in EVERYTHING:


-Proplyene Glycol

-Mineral Oil


-1,4-dioxane and methylated surfactants



I love Young Living. I trust them. I am empowered and checked out the ingredients myself.

We LOVE using this on our tiny human and cant recommend it enough!



Maria Lamb

I don't even dare leave the house without my morning wellness shot, the mom brain is way too strong, ya feel me?

In my cup:
•Ningxia (the highest antioxidant drink in the world)
•2 drops Frankincense Vitality
•2 drops Lemon Vitality
•2 drops Grapefruit Vitality
•Mineral Essence

And I use it to wash down my Multi-Greens and Life 9 (probiotics).

We unfortunately don't get the nutrients our ancestors did from our food anymore and our lifestyles are completely different now.

I am thankful I have so many to choose from, made by a company that I trust and love.

Each month I'll be adding a new supplement to our lineup! I'll keep you all updated.

Juniper Company

Let’s talk about Sesquiterpenes, Phenols, and Monoterpenes. 

(I think Sesquiterpenes is the most intense word I’ve ever learned how to spell).


These are found in essential oils and are pretty freaking incredible. 

The receptor sites on our cells get damaged by toxins, our negative thoughts, GMOs and processed food. Damaged receptor sites mean our cells aren’t getting the information they need to keep working properly, making it way too easy for disease to come on in. 

Good news: When you apply an essential oil, and even simply just breathe it in, it affects every single cell in your body within 20 minutes. Yep… 20 minutes!

This means within 20 minutes you have some Sesquiterpene, Phenol, and Monoterpene goodness in every cell in your body, working on the receptor sites that need help.


So what are they doing?

Sesquiterpenes erase the bad information the cells have been given. 

Phenols clean and repair those sites.

Monoterpenes restore the correct information in the DNA of the cell once the Sesquiterpenes and Phenols have done their job.

Basically, these guys are like the dream team.


Which oils can I find a whole lot of these in?

I’m so glad you asked.



Cedarwood (you can find this in Stress Away)*





Ginger (found in DiGize)*



Clove (found in Thieves)*

Cinnamon Bark (also in Thieves)*







Orange (found in Christmas Spirit)*





*essential oils included in the Premium Starter Kit. No big deal. 

Juniper Company

Happy Monday! 

My life has changed so much in the past six months… and in ways I could have only dreamed about. I wanted to share my heart and what I’m so very thankful for. 

Because of Young Living...

I’m starting to build our dream home.

I’ve traveled more in the past 6 months with my infant than I ever have.

My home is more kid and pet friendly.

I’ve been able to easily “transfer buy” products I would usually grab at Target, and replace them with toxin-free options.

I’ve been able to support my whacky hormones and emotions.

I’m passionate about what I do all day.

I’ve been able to go on vacation 6 times, some on a whim, and didn’t have a single paycheck effected.

My circle of friends has grown. Big time. And in the best way.

My paychecks are the biggest they’ve ever been.

I get to go to Salt Lake City two more times this year, one COMPLETELY paid for by Young Living. Both times I get to see the Lavender fields, the Seed to Seal process, and learn even more about this company I love.

I have residual income I can leave for my family.

I’ve spent everyday with my girl since she’s been born, and my husband when he’s working from home.

I don’t have to stress about child care.

We’ve said “see ya” to any prescriptions we had, and our medicine cabinet looks very different from the average American. 

My friends and family have changed their lifestyle by diving into toxin-free living, and in turn, have shared and changed the lives of their friends and family.

I’m on my way to ACTUALLY retiring my husband. What.

I get a private Carrie Underwood concert this June.

I had an extremely easy pregnancy, and quick labor and delivery. 

My life has been dramatically changed in the best way.





This tasty little supplement from YL is rocking’ our world. 

By taking 1tbsp every morning I’m supporting my:
• Cardiovascular Health
• Neurological Health
• Immune Support 

YES! Don’t we all want healthy hearts, brains, and bodies?


Here are just some of the key components in Mindwise. 

Ready to have your world rocked too? Okay. Here we go.


High Omega 3 Fatty Acid. The good stuff, not like that Omega 6 that causes increased inflammation. It increases circulation to the brain and provides brain support. Bye, foggy brain.


This little fella provides MAJOR heart support and helps increase oxygen delivery in the blood. So yes, MORE support on getting oxygen to the brain. Among that, it helps stabilize the brain, functions as an antioxidant, gives energy to your cells so they can do their thing, AND its linked to helping your immune system fight cancer. Dang. Just your everyday dreamboat.


Hello, thyroid support. Hello, happy hormones. Hello, overall wellness.



Neurotransmitter support. Like dopamine (relax-juice), seratonin (happy-juice), and norepinephrine (make-me-focus-and-remember-things-juice). The more the merrier on those, right? So supporting them seemed like a good idea! 


A choline supplement (memory support). Increases acetylcholine, which increases cognitive function and helps you store and remember memories.


We know why these are good for us. Mindwise has two!pomegranate juice and the Acai berry. 



• Peppermint: Increases oxygen in your system.
• Anise: Supports brain and immunity
• Fennel: Supports digestion and helps you better absorb. (FUN FACT: 60-70% of your immune system IS IN YOUR GUT. Gut health is HUGE for your immune system!)
• Lemon & Lime: d-Limonene. GOOD stuff.

These specific oils increase bioavailability, in other words, increasing how much is actually available to the body. They help drive ingredients in so that you'll absorb more of what’s mentioned above.


"I can see clearly now the *mom fog* is gone..."

Juniper Company

We're on week two of traveling, at a higher elevation, and dealing with some super dry air.

All the heart eyes for these two guys and that fancy little diffuser. 

I wouldn't be caught traveling without them.

I like breathing and I like keeping my immune system in tip top shape.

Even more so, I like having a healthy husband + little babe that can breathe easy.

I'd like it to stay that way... you know how sick husbands are.


Juniper Company

I had the worst headache I've ever had last night.

Like on a scale of 1-10 (10 being I need to go to the hospital or my head was going to explode), I was at a solid 9.

To top it off, my husband's flight got cancelled so he wasn't coming home that night anymore and I knew it was going to be a long one with my tiny human.

-Deep Relief and Copaiba applied for instant, cooling relief. 
-Turmeric mixed with some water as a little shot (I was out of vegetable capsules, but if you have them, fill 1-2 up and take as needed). 
-And prayers for radical healing.

I can say I honestly dropped down to probably 3.5 on the pain scale within 20 minutes of taking my Turmeric shot.

Natural medicine, y'all. 
It works. Don't knock it because it's not the "norm".