Happy Monday! 

My life has changed so much in the past six months… and in ways I could have only dreamed about. I wanted to share my heart and what I’m so very thankful for. 

Because of Young Living...

I’m starting to build our dream home.

I’ve traveled more in the past 6 months with my infant than I ever have.

My home is more kid and pet friendly.

I’ve been able to easily “transfer buy” products I would usually grab at Target, and replace them with toxin-free options.

I’ve been able to support my whacky hormones and emotions.

I’m passionate about what I do all day.

I’ve been able to go on vacation 6 times, some on a whim, and didn’t have a single paycheck effected.

My circle of friends has grown. Big time. And in the best way.

My paychecks are the biggest they’ve ever been.

I get to go to Salt Lake City two more times this year, one COMPLETELY paid for by Young Living. Both times I get to see the Lavender fields, the Seed to Seal process, and learn even more about this company I love.

I have residual income I can leave for my family.

I’ve spent everyday with my girl since she’s been born, and my husband when he’s working from home.

I don’t have to stress about child care.

We’ve said “see ya” to any prescriptions we had, and our medicine cabinet looks very different from the average American. 

My friends and family have changed their lifestyle by diving into toxin-free living, and in turn, have shared and changed the lives of their friends and family.

I’m on my way to ACTUALLY retiring my husband. What.

I get a private Carrie Underwood concert this June.

I had an extremely easy pregnancy, and quick labor and delivery. 

My life has been dramatically changed in the best way.