Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo is rated a 10 for carcinogenicity, developmental & reproductive toxicity, and allergies & immunotoxicites on the Think Dirty app. 

Literally, bathing babies in cancer and killing their fertility. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. 

And unfortunately, although Johnson & Johnson takes the cake, most baby products are JUST AS BAD. Don’t let names like "babyganic" or “sensitive formula” type names fool you. It's just a name. It’s good marketing. It doesn't mean it's any less toxic. Just like a salad from Wendy’s isn't any less terrible for you than McDonalds.

Mamas and Daddys- it’s our job to PROTECT our tiny humans. They don’t have a voice or a choice. Throw toxic products in the TRASH and find a company you trust- not because of their marketing or their name or because there's leaves on the packaging, but because you checked that label and you know EVERY ingredient in it to be GOOD.


Some key ingredients to look for and AVOID like the plague, not just in baby shampoo, in EVERYTHING:


-Proplyene Glycol

-Mineral Oil


-1,4-dioxane and methylated surfactants



I love Young Living. I trust them. I am empowered and checked out the ingredients myself.

We LOVE using this on our tiny human and cant recommend it enough!



Maria Lamb