This tasty little supplement from YL is rocking’ our world. 

By taking 1tbsp every morning I’m supporting my:
• Cardiovascular Health
• Neurological Health
• Immune Support 

YES! Don’t we all want healthy hearts, brains, and bodies?


Here are just some of the key components in Mindwise. 

Ready to have your world rocked too? Okay. Here we go.


High Omega 3 Fatty Acid. The good stuff, not like that Omega 6 that causes increased inflammation. It increases circulation to the brain and provides brain support. Bye, foggy brain.


This little fella provides MAJOR heart support and helps increase oxygen delivery in the blood. So yes, MORE support on getting oxygen to the brain. Among that, it helps stabilize the brain, functions as an antioxidant, gives energy to your cells so they can do their thing, AND its linked to helping your immune system fight cancer. Dang. Just your everyday dreamboat.


Hello, thyroid support. Hello, happy hormones. Hello, overall wellness.



Neurotransmitter support. Like dopamine (relax-juice), seratonin (happy-juice), and norepinephrine (make-me-focus-and-remember-things-juice). The more the merrier on those, right? So supporting them seemed like a good idea! 


A choline supplement (memory support). Increases acetylcholine, which increases cognitive function and helps you store and remember memories.


We know why these are good for us. Mindwise has two!pomegranate juice and the Acai berry. 



• Peppermint: Increases oxygen in your system.
• Anise: Supports brain and immunity
• Fennel: Supports digestion and helps you better absorb. (FUN FACT: 60-70% of your immune system IS IN YOUR GUT. Gut health is HUGE for your immune system!)
• Lemon & Lime: d-Limonene. GOOD stuff.

These specific oils increase bioavailability, in other words, increasing how much is actually available to the body. They help drive ingredients in so that you'll absorb more of what’s mentioned above.


"I can see clearly now the *mom fog* is gone..."

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