How long have you been using Young Living, and why did you get started? What rank are you now? 

I have been with YL for 2 years as of December and I am the rank of GOLD (Platinum is oh so close). When we brought our first son home through adoption he was very sick and I wanted to detox his body of everything. I saw Kari posting about essential oils and her love and success with them, so I read up on all the different Young Living companies and I actually almost ordered from another one because I “knew a girl” but then I read the Seed to Seal...no one else offered the promise of purity, commitment to the product, or humility like Gary Young and Young Living did. I was sold and never looked back.

It was the best decision I ever made for our health. I tried the products from the starter kit and wanted every ounce of knowledge I could get my hands on. It was such a blessing for us and still is. We use them daily for cleaning, bath, calming, energy, balance, pain management, emotional support, immune support, beauty products..everything.

(Kari here! Casey is talking about her rank and income and it's pretty crazy stuff. To be sure you really understand what we're talking about here. She is Gold, which has an average monthly paycheck of over $6,000. The next rank, Platinum, comes with a monthly income of over $14,000. Yes, PER. MONTH. It is crazy fun to watch my friends being blessed in this way, and to help our team each to get there too! Anyway, check out the stats straight from Young Living here.)

Where do you store your oils? 

     I use a clear nail rack that I snagged on Amazon. I keep them in my bathroom where they don’t get direct exposure and not in constant reach of my kiddos. For my rollers I have a GORGEOUS marble piece that I also got on amazon. The rollers are from Everyday Oil Essentials. All the links are herehere, and here

You are running a rockin’ business. Did you see this coming? What has surprised you the most? 

     Honestly, I didn’t even a little bit. I should have believed in myself more than I did. Kari believed in me from day one and I will always be grateful for that. When I started using essential oils I truly only started the business to just pay for my oils, which was $100 a month. I needed to help two friends get oils to be able to place my order because we were not in a position where I could spend $100 a month on essential oils. My YL check in November was my biggest yet and could have paid my mortgage for 3 months. And our mortgage isn’t cheap either. I don’t say that to brag, I say it for people to know that this was truly unexpected and LIFE CHANGING for us. I am surprised how my husband went from being skeptical to grabbing all the oils books to find a recipe for his strained muscle or anything else. He is all in this with me and it is amazing to get to do this together.

What is something you’ve learned about yourself along the way? 

     That my journey and story is different from the next person. Not worse, not better...just different. To compare it is saying that it is less than, and how disheartening. God gave us each strengths and personalities so we would come alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ and do this life together. I am not the “ruler” of those 1200 people below me, We are just 1200 friends all trying to better our future, gain freedom and get healthier. It is so fun to get to do this life with strangers turned friends and getting to encourage each other daily.

Maria Lamb